Hello world!

Hi. I am a mother of 2 young and bubbly boys. Like all moms I want the best for them now and into the future. As an extension of this desire, I have joined with Amazon.com to createecofriendlygiftsonline.com.

ecofriendlygiftsonline.com aims to provide information on some of the small, medium and large companies, eco-drivers and regulatory bodies that are all contributing to make a difference to our global community by providing access to both environmentally and socially aware purchasing.

My passion is primarily the reuse of products and materials without the recycling – it is such a shame to see what is tossed on the side of the road to be crushed up and dumped into land fill.  However, there are many times when a new product is required and a gift is a prime example of this – few people want a second hand hose or a gift of a stained mattress.  And it is at these times that it is good to know that the company we are buying from is one of good ethics and has a social conscious that wants to do good in this world.

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